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Album Notes

  1. I.A.N.- Erykah Badu has a son named Seven, so in saying that "I Am Next", Badu would call me Eight. 

  2. Tammany- Tammany is the most NY song you'll ever hear. This song is filled with historical references and cultural nods that were picked up after having lived my whole life here. Shout out to Gabrielle Serrano and her dope ass sneaker named "La Mezcla"

  3. Paul's Song- This song was originally named "Caged Bird", but I decided to change it because there's already a song by that name, and there was a great opportunity to pay tribute to the poet Paul Laurence Dunbar. Mr. Dunbar wrote a poem named "Sympathy" which is thematically similar to Maya Angelou's work "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings". I decided to show Paul some love, especially since his other very important poem "We Wear the Mask" is very dear to my heart. There is a version with an extra verse [released exclusively on this website below] that pays homage to Maya as well.

  4. Sweet Potatoes- This song is about a purely imagined love based on an interaction that never quite got there. 

  5. Order My Steps- This song was born from a dark place, but the process of writing the lyrics proved to be very cathartic and helpful in my movement forward from that personal slump. 

  6. Made To Last- I was feeling super blessed and celebratory af when I finally recorded this one -- a true shout out to the parentals.

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